I will be happy to interpret for you from English and Spanish into German and vice versa.


In the following you will find information about the different types of interpretation to choose from, according to the type of event the interpretation is needed for. I will gladly assist you in finding the type of interpretation that fits your needs best.


Simultaneous Interpreting

When interpreting simultaneously, interpreters render the message almost in real-time from the source into the target language. They perform their work in a soundproofed booth equipped with headphones and microphones. Simultaneous interpreting is frequently used for big-scale conferences where several language pairs are required.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is interpreting after the speaker has finished or at the end of a passage. Such interpreting is used for formal occasions, i.e. the presentation of prizes, after-dinner speeches etc., but also for guided tours and visits to fairs, factories or cultural events. Please note that consecutive interpreting will double the amount of time required for the event.

Wedding interpreting, court interpreting and interpreting at the notary

You are getting married in Germany and worried that your German is not up to the wedding ceremony? I’ll gladly interpret your “I do” as well as every other beautiful thing you have to say to your future husband or wife on your big day. As a publicly appointed and sworn interpreter I am authorized to interpret at wedding ceremonies, in court, at the notary and other official occasions.


Please contact me by email or phone for a non-binding quote.

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